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Request your MP ask Theresa May for a Public Enquiry into TfL

Updated: May 21

In light of the recent revelations exposed in The Daily Mail with regards to then Prime Minster David Cameron and ex Chancellor George Osborne's links to Uber, the London Taxi Forum thinks it's now time for the London taxi trade to demand a Public Enquiry into Transport for London and their nefarious practices. In order to achieve this taxi drivers all need to contact our MPs and ask them on our behalf to write to current Prime Minister Theresa May. Please click on the link at the bottom of this article and follow the simple process. All that's needed is your postcode. This only takes a few minutes and could have a dramatic positive impact on all taxi drivers livelihoods. Transport for London are on the ropes with the news today that Chief Operating Officer Garrett Emmerton has fallen on his sword and left his post. Please take the time to do this and help safeguard the future of your trade. 

Remember... Uber's license is due for renewal in May.  

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