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Donate to the Uber VAT court case today.

Below is a link to a crowdfunding website set up by members of the London Taxi trade to launch High Court action to force Uber to pay VAT. The case has been taken up by Jo Maugham QC who is a Director of Good Law Project Limited which uses the law to deliver a progressive society. He has estimated that it will cost approx £75,000 to get this case into the High Court and so far the London Taxi trade has pledged an astonishing £58,000. We just need that final push to get over the line and get the ball rolling. It is estimated that should we be successful this will cost Uber somewhere in the region of £23 Million in unpaid taxes, along with all the future taxes will will result in them having to increase their fares etc. If you have already pledged money to this fund then thank you very much. If you haven't so far then please make a donation and help save your trade. I know things have been tough for us all for a very long time but this High Court action could certainly change the landscape for Uber and will undoubtedly be another nail in their coffin. Even just as little as £10 from everyone would certainly go a long way to achieving the target, but please pledge as much as you can. Simply click on the link above and follow the simple process. Uber, like everyone else, must pay the right amount of tax. Last year the Employment Tribunal held that Uber was supplying transportation services. If Uber is supplying transportation services, it should be charging 20% VAT on all its fares and paying that money over to HMRC: tens or hundreds of millions of pounds every year. But it wasn't last year and it isn't now. And if Uber is liable to VAT it will also owe substantial amounts of unpaid VAT from the past - both to HMRC and to other tax authorities throughout the EU. Every Taxi driver who is on one of our radio/ app circuits has to pay VAT so why should Uber be any different! Together we can rid Uber from our great city and continue to show the world that we are the best.

Source: London Taxi Forum

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