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Be there Thursday.

The United Cabbies Group in conjunction with the LTDA and the RMT London Taxi Branch have called a Drive-In Demonstration at Whitehall on Thursday 6th April 2017 at 2pm to demand that Prime Minister Theresa May holds a Parliamentary Inquiry into the relationship between Ex PM David Cameron and Ex Chancellor George Osborne and their links to the Private Hire company Uber. The recent Daily Mail revelations claim that Ex Mayor Boris Johnson was instructed by David Cameron and George Osborne to "Leave Uber alone" which has allowed them to operate and bring the London Taxi trade to it's knees. Head of Uber's UK Operations Rachel Whetstone was also God Mother to David Cameron's late son Ivan, and George Osborne amongst other job now earns £650,000 per year for 1 days work per week at BlackRock, an investment management company which is reported to have a £500M stake in Uber. Nice work if you can get it! In our opinion this whole debacle stinks to high heaven and the only way to ascertain who has done what, where and when is a full Parliamentary Inquiry. We would expect criminal charges to follow if those involved are found to be guilty of corruption and malfeasance in office. We believe senior management at Transport for London are also complicit in this. We also demand that Uber's Operators License be suspended whilst this Inquiry takes place, and most certainly not be renewed when it is due in May. The Daily Mail, the first National Newspaper to support what we as taxi drivers have been saying since Uber were granted an Operators License are leading the way with 'revelations' appearing almost daily in their newspaper and online website. This is an opportunity that we have not had before and one that we must not pass up. Please drop everything else in your diary and support this demonstration on Thursday because time is running out for the World's Best Taxi trade with more and more drivers leaving the trade by the day, and more and more drivers having their homes and taxis repossessed. Not to mention the health implications attached. The next one could be you! There is no more room for apathy amongst our ranks and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US must support this demonstration. I know you all care about your job and I know you will all want to defend it. That's what makes us the best. Please tell all your friends and colleagues about this action because this has to be the biggest demonstration that our great city has ever seen. The bigger it is... The harder it will be for them to ignore it! Do the right thing! See you there. 

Source: London Taxi Forum

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