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A thank you to a rare breed

It's very rare these days that you get outstanding customer service. Whether it be in shops, call centres or a train station it seems a bare minimum in seen as a good service now.

However, upon leaving my garage where I rent my taxi from I thought to myself no company in the world compares to them. I'll tell you why... This morning I walk in and all the mechanics are eating a local street food brought in by a dubious looking vendor. They treat me to what can only be described as a spiced minced lamb battered sausage. Bloody lovely even at 10am. This kind of thing happens all the time in this garage. I've lost count of the number of new foods I've tried for the first time! Now I know a few will be starting to think "It's garage, not a restaurant you plum". Stick with me though! I've been with this garage for three years now. I joined them more through luck than judgement as my old garage closed and sold the cab I was renting to the garage I now rent from. In the last 18 months here's just a few of their kind gestures: - On the birth of my first child I took a month off and got the same cab back when I returned. - They sent via the post an embroidered kids toy and blanket with the name, weight and date of birth of my child. That was probably the most thoughtful gift we received and it was from the bloody taxi garage! - My dad passed away a couple of months after my kid was born. They gave me a weeks rent off. I didn't ask, nor expect it, they simply done it because they cared. - I've recently moved to The Cotswolds. They sourced me a one year old cab at a ridiculously good rate. All these things were big life changes that my garage aided to make my families life better both for the short term and long. It should also be noted that their workmanship is top draw too. In the rare instance that there has been mistake they always rectify it quickly and own up to it. Mistakes will and do happen, but from experience some garages do not admit to them or simply hope you don't notice them. So which garage am I talking about? Framerights . On Three Colts Lane. Quite simply the best firm I've ever come across. Their must be more garages like this so let's hear of your experiences. 

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