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Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me

Upon succumbing to multiple knife wounds in the senate in Rome Julius Ceasar allegedly cried "infamy ! Infamy !, they've all got it infamy !".......or was that Kenneth Williams in Carry on Cleo ?.....Well either way this seems to be the cry of the Taxi industry at present.....and it's more than justified given the repugnant turn of events surrounding our ex-prime minister, our ex-chancellor, our ex-PMs technical advisor, our ex-PMs close friend and Ubers strategic officer, our ex-mayor, certain individuals at TFL and Blackrock.......have i left anybody out ?.....oh yes, the Evening Standard Downing Street have brushed off the Daily Mails' exposé of the alleged "chumocracy" as mere tittle other words Downing Street is really rattled at these events......and so they should be ! should every one of her majestys' subjects in the United Kingdom. The Daily Mail have referred to the alleged events that have taken place under David Camerons tenure involving Uber as a "Chumocracy", this is no more than a polite term for nepotism surrounding Camerons merry band of nihilistic concubines.....In reality it's called corruption, a putrefactive decay at the very seat of our parliament, our democracy, a putrid perversion of integrity. This begs the question as to why Cameron decided to adopt this stance and directly intervene with TFL, a devolved entity? What was his motivation ?. I do not believe for one moment he was bribed by Uber or took some sort of kickback. I believe that Cameron sees Uber as an inovator and at the forefront of the tech and data gathering industry.....and as a sitting prime-minister wanted a piece of that pie. This mode of thinking would've been supported by Osborne and Korski. Rachel Whetstone who at the time Uber had arrived in the UK was working for Google (who also have major links to Uber) then moves across to Uber a little while later thus giving Uber a direct line to the PM and Chancellor. Blackrock in the meantime invest in Uber, nothing particularly sinister there.....until you find out that TFLs pensions are also linked to Blackrock.....who in turn are also linked to Osborne. This isn't so much of a tangled web biu more like an incestuous orgy.....and bang in the middle sits the Licensed Taxi Industry along with the pre-existing PHV industry.....we are both the face of collatoral damage. In effect Cameron and his unsavoury cohorts have attempted to create a vaccuum within the personal transport industry so that Uber can then fill that vaccuum with low-cost transport with unskilled, unqualified labourers at around minimum wage or less. Despite the fact that the 35000+ Uber drivers pay less tax than 24500 Taxi Drivers and their employer paying the bare minimum in corporation tax as well as the Uber drivers claiming working tax credits in their droves and allied to the fact that there is a massive rise in assaults and accidents I believe that Cameron sees this as inconsequential given the data that can be harvested. In 2006 Cameron stated that he wanted to rid parliament of what he perceived ax dishonest afraid over a decade later it has got worse. I believe s parliamentary enquiry if handled wrongly could end up as the British equivalent of FIFA investigating itself. Ideally a public enquiry would be a better option. The one thing that we have going for us is the All Party Parliamentary Group fronted by Wes Streeting. Wes is an honest politician and is no fool. believe that he and the team can slice through the cornucopia of dishonesty like a butcher in a slaughterhouse, this however will be tempered by the end result....which will be benign, a few sacrificial lambs may face the chop bit nobody will be prosecuted, lessons will be learned.....that will be the mantra expounded by those in parliament, Uber will have already been re-licensed, adapted and updated legislation will be passed. Ultimately a lot more PHV firms will collapse, the victims of the collapse will be mopped up by Uber, who in turn will be forced to guarantee minimum wage, still subsidised by heavy investment, which may force Ubers prices up. As for us, nothing much will change, we may see a more supportive and transparent TFL, our numbers will remain static but theres really not much else for us as an industry to glean anything out of. The reality is that Cameron sees us as an obstacle rather than an asset.....but then again Camerons no longer PM. Lets be careful out there and keep those doors locked. 

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