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Welcome to the new TaxiPoint!

TaxiPoint is back with a shiny new app, but a familiar feel, to help cabbies keep up to date with their trade. So what's changed since last time? Sadly we had to shut down TaxiPoint in Autumn 2016 as our app developer what bust. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears and also learning from mistakes the first time round, we are really proud to present this new app. The big changes include; - TaxiPoint is now national. The aim is for all taxi associations around the UK to have access to include regional stories and articles in one central place. To start with London and Edinburgh lead the way and we'll be adding cities as we go.

- TaxiPoint is no longer just an app. Now available on desktop and mobile devices it makes reading and sharing articles so much easier.

- UK trade forums and surveys. A first of its kind.

- There is now a team of editors working on TaxiPoint. New and bespoke articles are being sourced and written by some of the trades finest minds and writers. This app and site can unite a trade which has always been very regionally focussed. It's time to communicate nationally on all issues and agendas which affect more than 100,000 taxi drivers in the UK. Download the free app, you have nothing to lose, and support this driver led initiative to communicate better as a trade. What you see today is just the start of what can be achieved together. Many thanks and we hope you enjoy the new TaxiPoint!

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