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Another evening, another attack

Yet again we are recovering from another terror attack, this time a vehicular attack on London Bridge followed by 3 knife-men embarking on a multiple stabbing spree. This disgusting act is yet more proof as if any were needed that we must be vigilant at all times. 

Police numbers have been in steady decline for a decade and a half,  Labour decided to embark on a "policing on the cheap" initiative by enlisting PCSOs as opposed to police officers,  subsequently Theresa May at the behest of George Osborne then cut a massive 20000 police officers nationwide.....This by any stretch of the imagination is a recipe for disaster. Whilst no amount of officers on the beat would necessarily be able to stop the heinous crimes that we have witnessed over the last couple of months at Westminster, Manchester and now London Bridge,  officers on the beat are a potential deterrent. There is no doubt that it is very difficult to thwart determined terrorists committed to perpetrating acts of pure evil but more officers could possibly allow a quicker reaction time. The reaction time from start to finish last night was a magnificent 8 minutes, 8 officers fired off 50 rounds which is unprecedented......can this reaction time be improved upon? I believe by recruiting the 20000 police officers that have been cut by this government and deploying those officers at strategic hotspots there may be an argument that reaction times can be improved. Maybe by forcing companies such as Uber to pay their fair share of corporation tax along with various other companies we as a nation will have the money to fund those police officers The ball is very much in the court of the new government once the outcome of the general election is revealed.

Last night there were many heroes trying to assist the public and the emergency services. One brave Taxi Driver attempted to mow down the 3 attackers with his Taxi, many Taxi drivers were loading people into their Taxis both on the bridge and surrounding area and taking them to safety free of charge. In stark contrast Uber were absolutely vilified on social media by members of the public because they began surging heavily during the attack. One Uber driver in particular who whilst loaded up with 2 of his 3 passengers,  (the 3rd was returning to a building to collect his coat) showed extreme cowardice in the face of adversity by driving off leaving the 3rd passenger stranded  when the attack started to unfold,  completely contradicting the maxim that you never leave a man behind.....this however is what we have come to expect from Uber,  this is or seems to be their modus operandi ..... London Taxi Drivers are London's 4th emergency service, as for Uber? I will let you draw your own conclusion.

Sadly at this moment in time there have been 7 deaths and many more injured. As an industry our thoughts and prayers are with those victims and their families.

The police recommend 3 actions,  Run, Hide, Tell. Remember these actions as they could save your life and the life of others. Be vigilant,  be safe.

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