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Have Gett been using Private Hire vendors?

It has been revealed that the self-proclaimed black cab app, Gett, may have been using third party private hire vehicle vendors. Documents obtained by TaxiPoint show a partnership with private hire operators which include Addison Lee, Green Tomatoes and GLH respectively. The content on the document entitled "Gett Enterprise" advertises the benefits of a UK multi platform booking system and lists data dating back to October 2016. Rumours have long been circulating in regards to Gett using private hire cars on their London platform, but has always been denied by officials. After the acquisition of Radio Taxis questions remained unanswered as to how they would manage the large business accounts that required the private hire vehicle option on the platform without private hire. This latest finding will anger a section of the taxi driver community who had been assured that Gett's future remained solely with the black cab trade. In an ironic twist of fate Gett rose to prominence as an alternative when rivals Hailo were found to have applied for a private hire operators license. Is this type of partnership involving vendors new to the taxi trade? Quite simply no and in some large circles it is seen as a necessity to obtain the large corporate accounts. Large business accounts like choice and let their employees choose their preferred method of travel. TaxiPoint approached Gett in regards to making a comment. A spokesperson from Gett, made the following statement:

Read some of the document pages below:

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