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Customs & Excise raid Great Suffolk Street Garage.

When the diesel pumps at Great Suffolk Street Garage disappeared several years ago taxi drivers were lamenting yet another Central London fuel station being consigned to the annals of history, however just over a year ago and somewhat out of the blue the pumps at Great Suffolk Street were given a new lease of life selling fuel at a knockdown price. The taxi industry has now discovered why the fuel was so competitively priced.....Red Diesel !  

Yesterday Customs and Excise officers raided the garage and discovered that Red Diesel commonly used in the agricultural industry was being sold to unwitting cabbies. The officers promptly shut down and sealed off the pumps. As of 5am this morning the pumps still remain cordoned off with Yellow "scene of crime" tape and officers still remain on the premises. 

Red Diesel is completely harmless to vehicles,  it is nothing more than White Diesel with a Red dye added to it so as to identify it as White Diesels duty free counterpart. I've been assured by the LTDA that any driver who has filled up at Great Suffolk Street Garage should not face any action as they themselves are a victim of crime as well as the Inland Revenue.

I have been informed that it's business as usual at JV Bright, Great Suffolk Street cafe and the toilets that all sit within the garage and remain fully accessible, they are not subject to any sort of sanction or closure. 

A rather large question mark has now been raised as to whether the pumps at the garage will ever resume operation. One thing is certain,  if something is unbelievably cheap then there's usually a very good reason behind it.

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