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What next for TaxiPoint?

As a new month approaches us, we just wanted to update you on where we are at with TaxiPoint. We are steadily growing at the moment thanks to your support. In June we have seen the following - We are only a few downloads away from 1,000! Please keep telling colleagues about TaxiPoint or download it if you haven't already.

- We are averaging 1,000 visits each day via the website and app. Some days we are reaching as many as 2,000.

- We have made the national press! Our breaking story regarding the Tesco and Uber link up made the Daily Mail and other large media outlets.

- We are reaching 1,000's of people with every article we publish. Each article on Facebook alone reaches 2,000 people on average. Some reach 5,000!

- On Twitter we now have over 1,500 followers. 1,000's of impressions are made with each article published. So what next? We've been up and running for a few months now. We know what works and doesn't work so will be investing our time on more content and enticing more users to TaxiPoint. The homepage will be changing soon to welcome more cities around the UK onto the platform. Each region we have up-to-date news specific to them and all the tools in place to help them along their working day. From airport transfers and train service updates to local trade contact details and more. TaxiPoint will always remain free to the user. We will also focus more on better content for cities outside of London, especially Edinburgh.

We will be introducing a free classified section for all drivers to advertise on and buy from. TaxiPoint is also in the process of putting together a loyalty scheme for all users. This will include money off and vouchers for services and products related to the trade trade exclusive to TaxiPoint. Want to get involved? This app was created to bring the UK taxi trade together. It has been created by a working driver, is run by working drivers and is most importantly is for the working drivers. We are open for other drivers to get involved and help deliver some of the more specific projects, like free classifieds and loyalty schemes. We are also open to your own ideas you may have and maybe able to help you develop them. Thank you for your support in the early stages. This is just the start! Be lucky, The TaxiPoint team. 

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