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TX eCity: price announced at £55,599

The new LEVC TX eCity is now finally on sale with an eye watering £55,599 price tag slapped on it.  LEVC, formally the London Taxi Company, is also offering drivers a finance plan that charges £177 per week over five years. In comparison the outgoing TX4 model cost £167 per week over a four years. It is expected that over 90% of sales will come via the finance package option. 

The eCity's big selling point focuses around claims that it will cost drivers about £50 per week in fuel, based on 115 miles per working day. If drivers see the taxi as a long term investment this might just persuade cabbies to take a chance. 

Steve McNamara of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association commented:

"The taxi trade welcomes the arrival of this ultra clean 21st century vehicle that can only help us to win business back from private hire. We recognise the serious issues around air quality in London and cities around the UK, and look forward to offering emission free personal transport to Londoners and visitors alike."

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