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Second taxi driver has unknown substance thrown at them

A taxi driver in Windsor is the second cabby this week to have had an unknown substance thrown in his face. The incident took place in Thames Street, Windsor, while ranked up with his window open.

A white van then proceeded to drive past the taxi which was when the driver felt a liquid hit his face via the window. The taxi driver started to feel a burning sensation and quickly washed his face with water as advised by emergency services after previously well reported attacks.  Detective Inspector Jason Kew told the press;

This was a distressing incident for the driver. It was fortunate that he was not seriously injured. I am keeping an open mind regarding the motive and taking this attack very seriously and therefore would value any information from local people, the Windsor taxi community or passers-by in the area at the time. I have to stress that this appears to be an isolated incident and is not linked to any other incidents where substances or liquids have been thrown at people.

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