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The curious case of the reoccurring mag!

Somewhere in a secluded location in London, a mad scientist has been working on a formula which would allow glossy pieces of paper to reproduce and multiply at any given time, in any given place. All known friends and associates have reportedly distanced themselves from him, calling him "A nutjob"....... But recently, something strange has occurred; A number of sightings have been reported of a strange magazine type creature growing in some of the most random places across London.

This creature has been seen in the back windows and shelves of Vehicles, stuck to the glass at Bus stops, growing between items on bottom and top shelves of retail stores, and even one was seen growing from the dashboard of an Arctic lorry. 

Enforcement officers have been sent out in their dozens to track down these unknown organisms and retract them from their growth sites. One officer has even reportedly removed one from the back of a vehicle with her bare hands. There is a worry that she may have a number of these organisms growing from her body now. The search for her continues. 

The message to the public is to not be alarmed, but if you do know of a growth site, then we suggest you leave well alone. 

As the sightings increase we urge everyone to be very vigilant, take a picture, and share it on social media. 

Stay safe, and god bless. 

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