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Why we must consider this fight global

With all the troubles London taxi drivers have faced since the arrival of tech giants Uber, you could be forgiven if you've spent the last 5 years feeling terribly sorry for yourself and become some what blinkered when considering those who have suffered at the hands of a company which seems to be obsessed with monopolising the worlds Taxi & PHV industry. 

The reality of this current situation is, Uber are without a doubt a global cancer to traditional Taxis, and the sooner we build allegiances around the world, the more chance we will have of turning the table on the bulldozing giants of Silicon Valley. 

We have reached a stage in our battle where we must leave no stone unturned. Behind the scenes, we at Taxipoint, along with many others, are working tirelessly to expose every wrong doing (and there are many) from absolutely any element of Ubers approach and tactics to gain full control of the worlds transport industry. Whether it's on our own doorstep or thousands of miles around the world, we will make every effort to report on it. 

Social media is an extremely powerful tool and shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to taking on competition, or more appropriately in our case; unfair competition. It's an advertising platform that has the capability to reach millions in a matter of minutes. Not only should we be promoting whats good about traditional Taxis, but also exposing whats bad about our rivals. Some would call it 'dirty tactics' I would call it 'The truth'.

Having put in some extensive research into the impact Uber have had across the globe, it has become clear to me that there are many cities which have suffered even greater hardship than we have here in London. The 'Knowledge of London' has no doubt given us something to hold onto, and something for outsiders to suggest the lack of need for a company such as Uber to operate in our city. This may make us a superior service to other traditional Taxis around the world, in a business sense, but as people, we are no different to the man/woman who paid $500,000 for a medallion which is now worth a quarter of that. Our pain, along with theirs, should be considered equal. 

When fighting a global brand, you must simply put up a global fight. Landing a huge blow here in London would be felt across the Atlantic and beyond, and vice versa. Don't underestimate the ripple effect. Uber used the same approach to spread worldwide in an unprecedented quick timeframe. Lets fight fire with fire. 

Spread every news story possible regardless of the location. Take the time to read every article that exposes the wrong doings of their business model regardless of the impact on your city. The more you know, the more you can teach. 

Like, share. Like, share. It's quick. It's simple. And it's way more effective than you may think. 

Knowledge is key, and the key to victory is now global. We stand united. 

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