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Will Uber get another short term licence?

Uber, the company that seems to have become the byword for toxicity is coming toward the end of its temporary operators licence.....but what happens now? Do they get the full licence, get their licence revoked or get issued with another 4 month licence. This is a conundrum that TfL have to wrestle with as they seem to realise that there clearly are issues surrounding Uber, however, can TfL really be expected to string the golden goose up by the gizzard and wring its scrawny neck until it shuffles off its mortal coil and trots off to meet the choir invisible?.....of course not, that is going to be about as likely as somebody discovering a method of nailing jelly to the wall. If TfL don't relicense Uber then they will lose up to a whopping 2 million pounds in licensing fees when the rejigged licence costings begin. Add that figure to the loss of revenue in licensing up to 600 drivers per week and factor in the loss of vehicle revenue in that figure too, they (TfL) stand to lose a tidy sum. The likeliest scenario is Uber obtaining a licence to cover another 4 months, with the process repeating ad-nauseum until the plethora of problems surrounding Uber are either rectified or swept under TfL's finest Axminster carpet. Ultimately for the taxi industry it's a benign issue for the time being. The curse of cross-border hiring is a rather large fly in the ointment, if Uber are relicensed the status quo remains.....if they fail to obtain a license in London they (Uber) will obtain a licence elsewhere and function as they do now in London.....and there is nothing that TfL can do about it. Therefore ultimately TfL cannot win, revoke their licence and lose both revenue and control or re-licence and claim millions in revenue and keep some level of control but end up looking as though they will have to capitulate to Ubers every whim TfL are well and truly over a barrel on this one.

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