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Edinburgh taxi trade faces devastating consequences due to Uber influx

The taxi trade in Edinburgh faces “devastation” due largely to a huge influx in the number of private hire drivers wanting to drive for Uber. 

According to the newspaper Scotland on Sunday, private hire driver applications have increased by 54% since the controversial American transport provider arrived in the Scottish capital city. 

This increase has mirrored situations in other UK cities like London where Uber have succeeded in flooding the market in a bid to saturate competition and win market share.

It may seem great news for the public as Uber will claim it gives the customer more choice at a lower price. However, in reality, fares are subsidised by 59% and congestion will rise with the increase of vehicles on the roads. Uber's background in regards to safety has also come under recent scrutiny. 

In London there are currently calls to cap the number of private hire vehicles plying for hire, something that may follow suit in Edinburgh.

Are you a Taxi driver in Edinburgh? Let's hear your views by leaving a comment below.

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