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Harry Wall: Now everyone knows, what next?

I was going to post my thoughts on the Brighton trip and the Law Commission today but I think only one subject should be on the agenda today.

Right, here we go!!

Everything we've been saying about Uber, moaning about, demonstrating about, protesting about, everything we've been saying about TFL management has now been vindicated thanks to Inspector Neil Billany of the Taxi and Private Hire Policing Team.

It's all there in yesterday's Sunday Times.

An FOI obtained by brilliant people in this trade has highlighted and clear, concise and most concerted effort by Uber to cover up crimes ranging from sexual abuse to firearms offences and TFL knew about it, in fact I'd say TFL were and are complicit in every way.

Specifically, April 17th '17 Neil Billany wrote to Helen Chapman explaining his concerns re. Uber and various complaints made by the public involving there drivers. Sexual abuse was no.1 crime and reason for complaint and as we all know it's widespread, and yet in May Uber were awarded a 4 month extension to their license.

Clearly, this set the stage for the email frenzy recently revealed.

I'm not going to spoil the joy, laced with anger of reading this story for yourself, save to say I urge you to buy the Sunday Times and read it yourself. Firstly, this is the best news we could've hoped for in a long time and whoever's responsible, deserves the utmost credit for delivering it to the masses. 

Now everyone knows.

The thing is, what are we going to do about it?

Most people know my thoughts in respect of direct action along with my annoyance that it doesn't happen but this, surely must light the fire, metaphorically speaking obviously.

What we see here is police acceptance, acknowledgment and a request for action by TFL in light of everything we've been saying but have been ignored. 

Helen Chapman would not have acted alone on receipt of this email, she would have had to inform senior managers including Daniels, Blake and Mike Brown given the scale of the emerging crisis. The Mayor must have been briefed along with Val Shawcross so long as they could pin her down for long enough of course. This scandal goes deeper than the ocean, as I've often said Watergate will pale into insignificance when the whole sorry saga comes out and this surely must be the start.

Why has it taken an FOI for this to see daylight?

Surely senior Met officers were made aware, were they told to keep quite?

If so, who told them?

One question forms another. Uber's license must be terminated immediately.


We must all go to our orgs and demand they merge like never before and form an alliance with which to force the removal of TFL managers responsible for our pain and demand charges be brought for corruption. There must be no stone unturned and no man or woman allowed to escape retribution through the courts. No mercy, none has been shown to us or our families and none has been shown to Uber's victims. That being the case only one possible course of action can be taken, we must act now. TFL have lied and manipulated their way through our lives ever since Livingston set in motion the plan to destroy everything we've worked for but now its backfired to the point where the public have now become victim also and that stain is indelible. The genies out of the bottle and however desperate the rats are, that genie won't go back in so now it's a damage limitation exercise that's simply failing miserably and every stinking one of them has been laid bare by their failures.

Helen Chapman was told about sexual abuse and contrived to cover it up with Siwan Hayward no doubt on orders from further up the chain.

She was also caught going to the States to meet Uber but swore blind it for a conference.

Mason went to meek Kalenik.

Daniels emailed Bertram regular discussing how to circumvent laws, regulations and us when he wasn't lying to the GLA.

Emerson lied regularly as par for the course, the list goes on and all the time this was happening Hendy was shagging his brass and wearing dodgy kimonos.

A blatant untouchable attitude.

With everything that's been uncovered recently we mustn't allow this to be swept under the carpet, we can't afford to let this go, it's too important. I consider it our duty to seize the moment aswell as the mood and strike as hard a blow for our trade as possible, not only for ourselves and our families but also for the potential victims unwittingly lining themselves up for future abuse that TFL seemingly sanction. The disparity between regulation and Tfl is so stark it's impossible to consider the two are the same and this latest revelations is testament to an argument for the self governance regulation I've been calling for. TFL simply can't be trusted and this is proof.

I'm expecting a huge reaction from all this orgs over this and not just words. It needs to be nationwide, ruthless and lengthy if need be.

This is it, our next move is crucial. That's all for now, looking forward to next week.

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