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Private Hire driver tries to run over London taxi drivers

A private hire driver tries to run over two taxi drivers in broad daylight as pressure rises further on London's regulators Transport for London.  

The shocking footage was captured near Russell Square by a member of the public following a taxi being initially rammed by a silver Peugeot car. The private hire driver refused to stop and give details and proceeded to drive away. Taxi drivers run to the aid of the victim to try and stop the Peugeot, seen with TfL signage displayed in the window, from driving away. Instead of stopping, the driver then chose to accelerate at two taxi drivers in a bid to escape.

With tensions rising in London between the regulator, Uber and the taxi trade this has stoked the fire further. The capital has become lawless and unworkable, but still the regulator is seen to take no action.

Sadly we'll just have to wait for tomorrow's act of violence and report it on TaxiPoint as usual. 

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