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Uber drivers angry as their cut diminishes further

It has been confirmed that drivers will receive a lower cut on the fares taken according to a recent email sent by American minicab firm Uber.

The under fire company have admitted that an experimental pricing system introduced in 14 major markets has meant that drivers are collecting a smaller proportion of some selected fares.

After months of discontent amongst drivers, Uber have finally chosen to own up and disclose the pricing structure.

The new system means that driver pay is no longer based on what the customer pays. The customers price will be hidden from the driver who will be unaware of the larger cut taken by the operator. 

All drivers on the platform must accept the new price structure by Monday to continue driving. 

Uber drivers in London have taken to the forums to vent their displeasure.

At this stage London and other UK cities are not included in the 14 major markets, but it is likely to rolled out globally in the near future. 

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