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West London Knowledge School to close

It has been revealed this week that the West London Knowledge School,  an institution that has been guiding knowledge students to strive for excellence for nearly 30 years is to close its doors.  

This news should send shockwaves through the taxi industry, if the knowledge fails then ultimately the whole industry fails and collapses. Knowledge student numbers have seemingly dwindled over the last few years and the taxi industry is starting to look like an industry that is no longer economically viable. 

The financial constrains attached to doing the knowledge, the hideous cost of a purpose built vehicle and TfL flooding London with untrained and unqualified private hire drivers all fighting for a piece of the pie seems to be taking its toll.

The solution may well be in TfLs hands by aggresively promoting The Knowledge and making it look like an attractive profession,  giving the Knowledge degree status as well as part funding Knowledge Schools across London. TfL must surely recognise that its better to aspire for excellence rather than dumbing down and pandering to the lowest common denominator. 

The licensed London taxi industry has been recognised as the best taxi service in the world for decades, it is iconic and is as much a part of London as Nelsons Column or Big Ben, lose it or homogenise it and you lose yet another piece of London's soul.

TfL it's in your hands.  

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