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Gett review and improve their driver policy

In their quest to continually review and improve both customer and driver service Gett have announced some significant changes as to how drivers operate on the app with a new scheme called Gett Rewarded

A Gett spokesperson said: "We have got a new vision and are making exciting new changes for drivers. In the last 12 months Gett have made many positive changes including scrapping the £6.00 weekly fee, improved Customer Care wait times, bringing on more and more account work, developing great new app features such as 'Going Home' and introducing more bonus promotions than ever before. Now we're taking the next step towards being even more Driver First and launching our exciting new driver rewards programme Gett Rewarded! from today. Gett Rewarded! recognises those who go the extra mile for Gett and the passengers. In order for Gett to provide a reliable service to passengers we need to cover jobs at peak hours and this new structure provides additional rewards to the drivers who help us to achieve this. The most dedicated drivers will now get priority access to work, access to Going Home and Share the App, invites to special events and lots more!"

Below shows how the new reward scheme will work and what you have to do to achieve different levels: 

The scheme is designed to recognise and reward drivers that are more orientated toward working on the Gett app.

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