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Man dies during Chilean Taxi demonstration

Chilean Taxi drivers caused chaos on Monday when they blocked the main road leading to Chiles principal airport in the capital city of Santiago. 

Drivers are furious at the rise of ride sharing apps such as Uber and Cabify and felt it was necessary to bring the airport to a standstill, but tragedy struck when a 65 year old Brazilian tourist fell ill with what is believed to of been a cardiovascular related complication. 

The man was airlifted from the scene by medics but reports came back confirming his death. 

Claudio Orrego, the governor of the Santiago Metropolitan Region told Reuters "This takeover of the airport by the taxi drivers has significantly hurt the image of Chile, the image of the airlines, and has hurt people traveling or arriving in the country,"  

A simple demonstration by highly frustrated working class men and women has no doubt left everyone involved saddened by this tragic event. 

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