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Leon Daniels; Gone!

Its been announced today by Transport for London Commissioner Mike Brown that Managing Director of Surface Transport Leon Daniels is to leave his post by the end of the year after nearly seven years in the position.  

Mike Brown said in a statement that "Leon had intended to retire in 2015 but agreed to stay on after my appointmemt as commissioner. He has made a very significant contribution to TfL and London and has done this critical job for longer than any of his predecessors. Our progress under his leadershiphas been considerable. This includes building a bus service that is the envy of all world cities,  laying firm foundations for radical change in walking and cycling and helping focus us on improving road safety and air quality to help secure our city's future."

Mike Brown then went on to say "Leon led our surface teams through the most successful Olympic and Paralympic games and, as head of our resilience functions, has provided leadership and support in difficult times. I am very grateful for the advice and support he has given me, and we will all be wishing him the very best for the future."

Whilst recieving praise from some quarters, Leon Daniels has cut a highly unpopular figure from within both the taxi and private hire industry and has been subject to widespread criticsim and condemnation surrounding the licensing of Uber. 

It has yet to be announced who will be taking over from Leon Daniels role at Transport for London. 

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