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Vaughan Williams: open letter to Transport for London

The producer of the new west-end hit play, The Knowledge, has shared his views on the impending licensing decision surrounding Uber.

Vaughan Williams sent us the open letter delivered to regulators Transport for London earlier today. 

"I am writing to urge TfL not to renew Uber's licence. Recent events have demonstrated that the corporate culture of this company is deeply flawed, and this will not change despite a new CEO. The company is obsessed with expansion and market share above all else. Figures for sexual assaults, accidents, RT prosecutions etc all demonstrate that the quality of their recruits is unacceptably low. London's streets are being congested by an excess of PH vehicles, who are illegally parking. Meanwhile the company is battling legal sanctions for sexual harassment, industrial espionage, obstructing the police, illegal employment practices and corruption of officials. Uber systematically avoids taxes, with revenues siphoned off through a web of offshore companies. The company is using our roads and paying its drivers so little that they are a drain on the British Taxpayer - yet Uber pays no UK tax. In a long career in business, I have never encountered a company which is such a poor corporate citizen as Uber. We do not need this appalling company in our city. London is better than that. The Mayor promised " one strike and they are out " for PH companies. His attempts now to distance himself from the licensing decision are not credible. Sadiq Khan will be held accountable for every crime committed by an Uber driver if the licence is renewed. Yours Vaughan Williams" 

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