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Uber are increasing their London prices

According to reports in CityAm Uber are about to increase the price of a London ride in what they say is an attempt to improve drivers standards by giving them the chance to earn a better wage. 

Since receiving criticism from unions and members of parliament, Uber have made slight changes to their operations seemingly in anticipation to find out whether or not they will be relicenced at the end of the month when their current extension is due to run out.

In addition to better pay for their drivers, Uber have also introduced other measures to help. They include tips and advice on the best times and places to drive around empty while waiting for their next job, something that used to be deemed illegal in the PHV industry, along with alerts to trips that will take longer than an hour. Passengers now also have the option to tip their drivers through the app instead of with cash. 

Will these changes be enough to secure them a further 5 year licence, another small extension, or will it be to little to late for a company who has failed miserably to look after it's drivers and passenger safety for over 5 years now? 

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