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Mexican college student brutally murdered by ride-sharing driver

Authorities say Mara Castilla,19, was murdered by her Cabify driver in the City of Puebla, Mexico, after booking a ride on Friday 15th September. 

According to reports in the Quartz  the driver, who has only been named as, Ricardo N, is believed to have brutally murdered Mara in a motel and then disposed of her body in a bed sheet. 

It's a stark reminder that although you may arguably feel safer booking a car through a ride-sharing app in Mexico, things can soon turn tragic. 

There have been numerous calls globally for regulators and companies such as, Cabify, Lyft and Uber to do much more in their driver selection process to ensure passenger safety, and even in some cases, such as in London, some MP's have called for these services to be banned altogether. 

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