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Uber customers in Coventry told they may be uninsured

Council executives in Coventry are warning users of Uber that they could be leaving themselves exposed by travelling uninsured. 

The controversial app was actually rejected by the city of Coventry, but has become plagued by the cross boarder shenanigans of the platform. Many of the Uber drivers worker in Coventry are said to be licensed in neighbouring Wolverhampton. 

The local authorities in Coventry have however reminded the public that having an accident might leave customers potentially uninsured. 

According to the Coventry Telegraph, Cllr Jayne Innes said: “Uber is not registered to operate in the city. “Our bar is set much higher than our neighbouring cities, and we want to provide a much higher standard of service to our residents."

This statement comes on the back of Uber being kicked out of London and highlights the need for more local authority control. Many taxi organisations have been pushing for a change in legislation in regards to cross boarder hiring.

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