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Female Uber driver launches sex discrimination case

Controversial ride-share app, Uber, are facing yet another lawsuit. This time it's from one of their own drivers, a female, who claims the company's practices unfairly disadvantage women drivers. 

As reported in the Express the woman who has asked to remain anonymous, said the way the San Francisco based firm operate is putting their female drivers at risk. 

She claims as a driver, you are unaware of the final destination request until the passenger is in the vehicle, leaving it impossible to cancel the journey if she feels the location would be unsafe. 

The female driver also claims that if a passenger becomes aggressive during a ride she is unable to cancel the trip and ask them to leave the vehicle because of the worry of receiving a low rating, which then could lead to her losing her position as an 'Uber partner'.

The claim is being brought by the GMB union and presented by the law firm Leigh Day.

Nigel Mackay, a lawyer at Leigh Day, said "We believe that Uber's policies do not do enough to protect female drivers "

The claim argues Uber should allow drivers to challenge complaints and low ratings.

In addition, Uber is seeking to overturn a landmark ruling ordering it to give basic employee rights to all it's drivers; a hearing is due to take place tomorrow. 

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