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Uber set to be on the streets of London for at least another 12 months

An appeal by ride-sharing firm Uber would almost certainly guarantee them at least another 12 months operating as normal on the streets of London. 

Following the announcement at the end of last week that Uber's licence would not be renewed once it's current one expired on the 30th of this month, Uber are almost certainly going to launch an appeal to challenge TFL's decision. 

Transport for London confirmed in their statement, Uber will be able to continue operations throughout the entire appeal process, and as reported in the Daily Mail the appeal process is more than likely to last for at least 12 months. 

Uber have put a lot of pressure on the likes of TFL and the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in response to their renewal refusal. Sadiq Khan has denied being involved in TFL's decision, but has come out to say he fully supports it. 

Following the ruling, Uber has 21 days to put forward an appeal. The company can continue operating until the entire appeal process is exhausted. 

TFL may of scored a major own goal when listing issues with Uber drivers DBS checks not meeting the required standards, with Patrick Nolan , a taxi licensing consultant saying "This is a role that the licensing authority is responsible for, not the company with which or for whom the driver works" 

So for now and the foreseeable future, things will remain exactly the same for Uber in London. 

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