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UK universities to start researching Uber effects in London

Two UK universities are conducting research into the impact of digital innovation within the taxi and private hire industry in London.  

The impartial survey run by the University of Greenwich and the University of West England, will ask drivers how the introduction of apps like Uber has effected the trade since its arrival. It also asks questions ranging from the performance of the London regulator and where the drivers see the trade in five and twenty years respectively. Dr Zena Wood, Senior Lecturer in Spatial Informatics at The University of Greenwich, said "In March 2017, academics from the University of Greenwich and the University of the West England (UWE) launched their initial findings from a project that sought to understand the impact of digital innovation on the contemporary London transport system. The project aimed at identifying and analysing the key variables that would allow the impact of digital innovations on the London transportation network to be measured." TaxiPoint Founder and Chief Editor Perry Richardson added "I urge all drivers to take part in this independent survey being run by two well respected universities in the UK. It's a real chance to put across your views on how the likes of Uber and other digital ride hailing services have effected the trade since its arrival in 2012." If you wish to take part in the survey click here. Please also share this link with other colleagues within the trade.

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