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Official YouGov Poll; Londoner's support the removal of Uber

An independent YouGov poll found that the majority of Londoners do support the decision to ban Uber. 

Sadiq Khan will find the results of the survey commissioned by Queen Mary University of London as a welcome boost given the intensified pressure from central government.

The survey found 43% of Londoners backed the decision to not renew Uber's operators licence, whilst 31% opposed respectively. 

The only democratic in London to oppose the banning of Uber where from those aged between 18 and 24.

There was also a shock in regards to the level of support Uber had from its own customers. Less than half of Uber's users opposed the ban (49%) and over one third supported it (36%).

The Uber brand has also plummeted in the polls. YouGov publish brand/company ratings based on public opinion. The American minicab firm now has a 'Positivity rating' of -32% which puts them in the bottom 8th percentile of the brands rated.

The top three words used to describe Uber include 'Sleazy', 'Immoral' and 'Unethical'.  

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