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Dara Khosrowshahi meets TfL's Mike Brown today

Today is the day when the new Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, will meet Transport for London's commissioner Mike Brown to learn more about the reasons why the minicab firm was rejected a new operators licence in the capital.

Mayor Sadiq Khan and TfL officials publically said it would not meet UK Uber representives citing their "aggressive" nature. As a result General Manager Jo Bertram has left the organisation and its global leader has travelled in from Silicon Valley to hold talks.

TfL are expected to highlight all the reasons why Uber were rejected from London. Many of the points were not made public as they could risk its operation in other UK cities. 

The biggest stumbling block will be Uber's recent admission that the app does not take the booking. Uber claimed in a recent employment tribunal appeal that the driver accepts the booking.

So what should we expect to change?

Not a lot. Uber are not going to be granted a new licence on the back of this meeting. The regulator has an obligation to explain why the licence was not renewed.

This will give Uber a better platform to either appeal or walk away though. In Quebec they recently walked away from an established market without appeal. 

By appealing, Uber would need to open up the workings of their booking system in a court of law. Something that may risk not only the London market, but its whole operation in the U.K.

Uber are yet to appeal and have to the 13th October to do so.

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