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Taxify say "Bonjour" to Paris

Following their incredibly short stint in London, Taxify have now set their sights on our romantic Parisian neighbours across the channel in Paris. 

According to reports in the Business Insider 2000 drivers have already signed up to their platform. The company said it was "fully committed" to complying with local regulations around private hire cab firms, although this seemed not to be the case in London, as TFL refused them an operating license and kicked them out of the city a month ago. 

Frances taxi union, The UNT, are already preparing for a fight, saying "the name of the app will create confusion in the mind of the consumer"

As is in London and across the globe, it's important that consumers are able to differentiate between 'Taxis' and 'Private hire' vehicles. 

Taxify's biggest rival, Uber, has already run into trouble in Paris having to suspend their 'Uberpop' service and pay a fine for connecting passengers to non-professional drivers. 

Will Taxify find love in Paris or will it be dumped to the curb like it was in London?.....

Taxify have said it is appealing the loss of its licence in London and will look to relaunch at some point. 

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