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Uber & Lyft sexual assault allegations

According to an article in Who's Driving You there were 92 allegations of sexual assault made against Uber & Lyft drivers in America this summer, highlighting once again the floors in the vetting system used to sign up drivers to such ride sharing platforms. According to Rainn two- thirds of sexual assault victims don't report the crime to the police, so the figure of 92 most probably represents only a portion of the total victims. This is alarmingly high. A number of concerned specialists in the field of background checks have urged those at Uber and Lyft to take the more safe and secure steps of fingerprint checks when signing up drivers, but up until now, neither Uber nor Lyft have taken that advice, some suggesting the cost is considered too high for the companies to want to proceed with. Charles Carroll, a high profile executive from MorphTrust USA, a private executive background check company, said recently in an opinion piece, that Uber's new CEO, Dara Khosorowshahi, has an opportunity to "re-think" the company's prior resistance to fingerprint checks. The figure of 92 allegations discredits Uber's and Lyft's claims that their name-based private background checks can keep passengers safe. It seems money over safety has always been the priority. Will it be any different for Uber's new CEO? We'll soon see.  

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