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Glasgow cabbies in uproar over false airport price comparison with Uber

An international report that claimed Glasgow Taxis journeys to the airport are some of the highest in the world and are twice the amount of an Uber minicab. 

As reported in the Scottish Sun chairman of the Glasgow Taxi Ltd executive committee, Stephen Flynn, said "the Go Rental study is a thinly veiled promotion of Uberthat any consumer will see right through " 

He went on to say "the figures quoted are completely inaccurate and are a blatant attempt to mislead the public"

The Glasgow taxi boss said an average price from Glasgow airport to anywhere in the city is around £18.70 while the return trip is likely to come in at around £23.70, that's a total of £42.40. Go Rentals reported the same trip at a staggering £59.14. 

Although Uber may come in at a slightly lower price, what must be remembered is that Uber customers can be hit at any time with a surge on their fares. 

Stephen added;

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