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Uber imposter wanted on sexual assault charges

Police are hunting a man who they believe imposed as an Uber driver and went on to sexually assault a young female whom he picked up in Melbourne, Australia. 

The 22-year-old woman accepted a lift from the man, believing it was a ride share service car. 

As reported in the Daily Mail in response to the incident an Uber spokesperson said:   

"The only way riders can request an Uber trip is through the app so it's important riders check they're getting in the right car before every trip. The Uber app will always show the make, model and licence plate of the car, as well as the driver's name. Riders should take care to ensure the car details match those listed in the app, and ask the driver to confirm their name before starting a trip"

How many customers of Uber and other ride-share firms alike, actually check the full details before entering a vehicle? When you're standing on a street curb at 2am in the morning after a few drinks, are you really in any fit state to fully assess the current situation with a clear mind. This is where regulators need to do their bit to protect the public from such predators. 

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