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TfL driver banned from Bath still driving in Bath

It was revealed that a driver banned from the Bath licensing authority has returned to working the area using a licence granted by London regulators Transport for London.

The revelation follows news of 2 sexual assaults by Uber drivers in the Avon and Somerset region in the last 18 months. Worryingly both reports where never forwarded to the Bath & North East Somerset (BaNES) licensing authority who had no idea. 

According to the Bath Echo “Drivers have seen taxis and private hires registered as far away as South Yorkshire working as Uber drivers in Bath, touting for business, waiting on the street to pick up any unsuspecting customer,” said Paul Roles a spokesman for Bath Taxi Drivers.  “This follows Uber being banned from London, and Cllr Paul Crossley (Libdem) Southdown, calling for Uber to be banned from Bath. “ Wera Hobhouse, the Bath MP also said: “I am concerned that the cross-border rule change means that Bath is now being swamped by drivers who have been licensed in other towns and cities, and I think we need to get that reversed. “These vehicles are harder to identify, and everyone needs to be safe getting into a taxi. In the meantime, I support Bath Taxi Drivers in their calls for all drivers to adhere to licence requirements in the area they are driving in.” She added: “I was also shocked to learn that a driver who had his licence revoked by the BaNES Licensing Authority, for not being a fit and proper person to work as a Hackney/Private Hire driver, is back working here having got an Uber licence from TFL in London. “I cannot emphasise enough to young people, never, ever, get into a car unless you have pre-booked it, or if it is a licenced Hackney Carriage. If you get into a private hire you haven’t booked, you’re not insured.” 

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