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Black cab app showcases innovation for disabled transport users at latest user forum

Gett, the UK’s largest provider of accessible door-to-door transport, has showcased a range of technical innovations to make life easier for elderly and disabled users at its latest door-to-door user forum. Gett has been hosting a series of user forums in various London boroughs in conjunction with Transport for All, a leading advocacy charity aimed at improving transport options for elderly and disabled users. The latest forum, held in Richmond-upon-Thames, focussed on technical and logistical innovations aimed at improving accessibility and convenience for those whose transport options were limited. Alan Benson, Chair for Transport For All commented: “There is a truly diverse mix of users of door-to-door transport schemes in Richmond, and there is no such thing as one size fits all. There are many travellers who are very conversant with smartphone apps and online resources, but there are also many whose impairments or circumstances mean those modern means of arranging transport are often off limits.” “What Gett have demonstrated here today is there is a need to provide better digital tools as well as making sure a personal touch and a human being at the end of a phone are also part of a fully inclusive service offering. These forums are an excellent opportunity to understand the very real challenges faced by disabled and elderly transport users and how to use both technology and good old fashioned customer service to remove the obstacles they face in getting around every day.”  

Matteo de Renzi, CEO UK at Gett added: “We are continuing to invest in understanding the needs of passengers whose transport options are limited so we can shape our technology and services accordingly to add convenience and ease of use. We are hearing time and again that disabled travellers want simplicity and up to date notifications, so they can plan their journeys and be kept informed at every stage of a trip.” “Gett has showcased some truly life-changing innovations at these forums in various London boroughs and the feedback we are getting tells us we have found some great solutions to everyday problems for many passengers.” Gett demonstrated new ‘single click’ booking solutions for users with limited access to online booking services at the Richmond forum and also showcased innovations that improved the security and assurance for door-to-door transport users. The Richmond user forum also focussed on the pricing of existing subsidised door-to-door transport schemes, with Gett exploring simpler pricing for personal trips with certainty of the journey cost up-front; a key area of concern for many of the forum participants. Emma Summers is a specialist consultant on accessible transport services and joined the user forum in Richmond, she added: “What we have heard today is that the transport options for many elderly and disabled people are limited and door-to-door services are still an essential lifeline in their daily lives. Organisations such as Gett have recognised that a range of solutions are needed for this user group, as not everyone owns a smartphone and the range of impairments that exist mean that a diverse set of ways to request and manage transport are needed.” Gett is already the preferred taxi provider to the assist-Mi app that offers assistance for disabled users and is expanding its range of accessible transport offerings across the UK.  

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