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Uber set to increase prices in Birmingham

From next week Uber will raise its fares across all platforms in Birmingham.

From 2pm, on Monday, October 16, passengers will see the minimum fare and cancellation fee for all uberX trips increase from £3.50 to £4.25. For those short trips around the city there will be an additional 10p per mile. 

On longer trips over 10 miles, there will be an additional 30p flat fee per mile. According to the Birmingham Mail , Access and Assist will increase in line with uberX. uberXL trips will also see an increase in the minimum fare and cancellation fee from £5 to £6. 

There's always been a suggestion that it was only a matter of time before Uber's heavily subsidised fares were to increase.

Is this a sign of times to come. Uber fares that creep slowly towards traditional taxi fare prices making the difference between journey costs a fraction of what were originally charged when Uber first launched? 

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