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Brazil; Uber could lose its second biggest market

First London, now Brazil; Uber come up against a huge legislation headache which could make its working model unworkable in Brazil.

Brazil's Senate are due to discuss new regulations that could stifle Uber and other ride-hailing apps across the country. For Uber, Brazil is it's second biggest market after it's motherland America.

In a joint statement by all transport apps they said the new changes would "increase app drivers’ bureaucracy so much that the system would become inviable". 

This is just the latest fire being fought by new Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi as they continue to struggle to retain operating licenses due to questionable working practices. 

Local and more traditional taxi drivers in Brazil have long been campaigning, like their counterparts in the UK, for better regulation to be placed on ride hailing apps According to InvestingUK, Humberto Costa, a PT Senator said "In effect Uber is a form of public transport and it has already resulted in a loss of income for mass transit," he added "There must be some rules, it’s in the interests of the consumer and public transport." 

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