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Cabby victim of scammers

In an unbelievable random act of utter stupidity, a woman has been filmed throwing herself onto the bonnet of a cab before rolling into the road claiming to be injured in a bizarre attempt at poasible insurance fraud. Blackpool cabby, Christopher Stewart, of Premier Cabs, who fortunately had the whole incident recorded on his dashcam explained to  Driving in the Sunday Times   that the woman had darted towards his cab and then the "victim" launched herself onto the vehicle before falling into the road and then lay motionless. Her alleged accomplice then threatened Mr Stewart. The woman had managed to damage Mr Stewsrts vehicle in the incident. Lancashire police said: “We have had a report of this vehicle crime and we are investigating a fraud-related offence.” Editors comment: This incident just goes to amplify the need for dashcams to be fitted in all vehicles as a standard. Always have a fully approved dashcam fitted to your vehicle, for your own safety

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