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Qantas and Uber join forces

From November 3rd the Australian airline Qantas will become the latest company to partner up with Uber. 

This move will serve as a major shot across the bows from Uber in their battle against the Australian taxi industry, it could also potentially have ramifications further afield, including the UK if successful

The new version Qantas' app will allow you to perform a multitude of tasks, giving the consumer a "point to point" one app experience,  this will include booking an Uber.

In return for using the Qantas app to book an Uber the user will accrue Frequent Flyer points. The points start at 1 point per dollar and then increasing according to Frequent Flyer status, with a whopping 2000 points issued to anybody who is new to Uber.

Qantas Chief Customer Officer Olivia Wirth said "feedback from customers indicated Uber is an increasingly popular way to travel to-and-from the airport, and that it made sense for the airline to offer a more seamless experience through its app." 

“We’re pleased to welcome Uber as one of our Frequent Flyer partners. We know it’s a service our customers already like using and now they have the ability to earn Qantas Points on their rides to and from the airport. “Our focus is how we can make people’s entire journey more seamless, and incorporating the option to order an Uber through our app helps do that. “Today’s announcement means millions of our Frequent Flyer members will be able to book their flight, their ride to the airport and their hotel on the Qantas app, and earn points from all three of them.” Uber General Manager for Australia and New Zealand David Rohrsheim said customers were increasingly looking for brands to work together to make their life easier. “More than three million Australians rely on Uber to get around their city and we’re always looking to make it easier and more valuable to do so,” Mr Rohrsheim said. “We’ve now established Uber pick-up and drop-off spots at all major Australian airports, so this was a natural next step in improving the rider experience for us. “We know Qantas shares our passion for great service and we’re pleased to partner with them to offer a simpler and more rewarding travel experience for Australians.”

This, of course will create a huge issue for Australian cabbies who are already feeling the strain of Ubers insurgence. Qantas fly to many countries across the world so this could become a major problem to the taxi industry worldwide if it is expanded internationally. 

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