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74 year old woman kidnapped and robbed by Uber driver in Tampa Florida

A 74 year old woman was kidnapped and robbed by an Uber driver and one other accomplice. The victim had ordered an Uber to pick her up from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tampa Florida. Her Uber driver was 21 year old, Christian Kirby Noda. The 74 year old victim sat in the front seat alongside Mr Noda for the journey back to her residence. On route, Noda said he had to stop to put air in one of his tyres. He stopped at a Shell gas station off of the Highway.

As reported in abc action news deputies said that when Noda exited the vehicle another man wearing a mask approached the car and ordered his victim to move to the backseat. Noda then turned to her and told her "do what he says, he has a gun" Noda then drove the victim, along with the masked attacker, to several banks to withdraw money from the 74 year olds account, deputies say. Whilst in the back of the vehicle with his victim, the masked man took two 500 dollar poker chips from her purse. They eventually dropped their victim off at another gas station. During being interviewed, Christian Kirby Noda admitted to the set up and confirmed it was a planned robbery, although they did not set out to kidnap and rob any specific target. Noda told officials that his accomplice was armed with a replica firearm. Noda was charged with Armed Robbery and Armed Kidnapping. His accomplice is yet to be found.  

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