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Solihull council go into battle over Uber

Councils in the West Midlands area are considering an approach to the government in protest against deregulation within the taxi and private hire industry.

The move is in response to Wolverhampton councils seemingly lassez-faire attitude in issuing licenses to prospective Uber drivers. Councillors in Solihull have raised concerns along with their counterparts in Coventry among others surrounding the safety and lack of driver training that habe plagued Uber. 

The Solihull Observer reported that Max McLoughlin, Solihull Green councillor, said: “This is a serious problem. We give a great deal of power to taxi drivers. We let them drive in places that other cars can’t. We allow them alone, in a locked space, with vulnerable people. It’s only right that a local authority says who can and can’t drive a taxi there.” “This isn’t the case anymore and we’re seeing a race to the bottom on standards and safety. Councils like Solihull, who prioritise safety, end up losing out financially. “This isn’t a problem with one local council or taxi company. This is a problem with one piece of legislation passed in 2015."

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