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Councils consider using lampposts as charging points for electric vehicles

London's Wandsworth council will look into the possibility of installing charging points in all lampposts around their residential streets. The aim is to give electric vehicle enthusiasts easy access to charging points as the government looks to clamp down on the use of petrol and diesel engines. A new tax on diesel vehicles is likely to be announced in the chancellors, Philip Hammond's, Budget, which is due to take place next week. The lack of charging points is a big concern, especially amongst London taxi drivers with the release of the TXE. One of the biggest issues along with the price of the latest version of the worlds most iconic taxi is the lack of access to charging points and the time it will take, once at a charging station, to get the battery back up to speed. With electric vehicles being ever increasingly forced onto road users it's paramount that the government gets this right otherwise our streets could end up a parking lot with either flat batteries or vehicles that are given no choice but to switch over to their petrol backup. And then we'll be back to square one, but this time in a whole heap of debt.  

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