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Uber driver with a history of offences allegedly raped passenger

Ride-sharing firm Uber are facing another lawsuit in America, this time by a female passenger who was allegedly raped by one of their drivers who had a history of assaults on women including "domestic battery" and "annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18" which ended with a restraining order being filed against him, according to reports in Cnet . In an emailed statement, Jeanne M. Christensen, a partner for law firm Wigdor, said: "Despite his documented troubling background, Uber allowed [the driver] to transport passengers. Uber must take immediate action to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again" This latest lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, named "Jane Doe" by the victim who alleges her Uber driver raped her on a journey home when she fell asleep in his vehicle. The victim claims she woke up with the driver ripping her clothes off. He allegedly assaulted her and then drove her home. According to court documents, the victim attended the hospital the following morning where doctors confirmed she had been raped.

Uber say they have removed this driver from their app, but it's clearly a case of "to little, to late" in this circumstance. With PHV sexual assault figures in London at their highest since 2002, and Uber drivers making up almost 50 percent of the offences, it's clear not enough is being done to assure the safety of passengers, which must be the number one priority for any operator or industry regulator. Uber are currently appealing a ruling by Transport For London to not renew their operators license due to them being deemed "not fit and proper" to hold a licence. Oddly enough they have been granted the ability to continue operating until the appeal process is exhausted. Is this an example of a regulator putting a passenger safety at the top of their priorities? 

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