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Gett defends their part in Battersea Evolution event

Taxi drivers working Saturday night were allegedly left bamboozled when trying to pick up customers from the Battersea Evolution Venue in Battersea Park.

Police officers at the event told drivers access to the venue was "restricted" to Gett app drivers only and that it was a "Gett rank".

It was reported that one driver waited in the car park of Battersea Park for 45 minutes whilst he waited for his booked passenger to arrive from the venue and walk outside of the cordoned area.

In response to the issues raised by drivers a Gett spokesperson spoke to TaxiPoint and said: 

"One of our clients booked around 100 Black Cabs on Saturday night for an event in Battersea Park. 

"There was no rank and we were simply sending Black Cabs ordered by one of our corporate clients. This was a client who previously sent all their work to PHV! 

"Every single job from the event was pre-booked into Black Cabs on Gett and the client was thrilled by the Black Cab service we could provide (100% of rides covered). "We understand that the Parks Police decided not to let other vehicles into the park at that time - on the basis that there would be no work available other than pre-books - but that was nothing to do with Gett."

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