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Swindon cabby's CCTV shock

A Swindon cabby who has had his vehicle broken into twice in two months has been left bemused after police have seemingly failed to act despite having CCTV footage of the incident taking place.

Alexander Tekele, a father of four from Norfolk Close, Walcot found his car door seriously damaged outside his home on November 3rd.

Mr Tekele, who had installed a CCTV camera outside his home after the first break in examined the footage gleaned from the camera and was astonished to find that not only did the thief try to break into the vehicle, but left the scene after initially failing for approximately 3 minutes, only to return with an axe.

The second attempt to break into the vehicle was more succesful for the robber, who managed to prise the door open and steal a mobile phone from the vehicle.

Mr Tekele, subsequently contacted the police, showing them the CCTV evidence. The police, however, claimed that they had exhausted all leads upon investigating the incident, leaving the victim somewhat bemused.

Mr Tekele has now taken to social media, making the video footage accessible to public in the hope that the thief can be identified and apprehended.

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