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Uber account holders hit with multiple fraudulent transactions

Ever had an account with Uber? No? Neither have I. But if you know someone who has, you may want to advise them to take a closer look at their bank statements. A number of claims of fraudulent behaviour have surfaced, with some Uber customers claiming they keep getting charged for rides they haven't booked. One of the victims has said she was charged for over thirty different rides which she did not take, with the total charge being more than £950, the Independent revealed. It seems that most of these so-called 'phantom' trips are taking place in completely different countries to where the victims hold Uber accounts. Customers in Singapore seem to be mostly affected by the scam, with many un-booked trips being taken and paid for in the U.K and the U.S. Victim of the scam, Daphne Maia Loo, posted on Facebook, a screenshot of a fraudulent transaction. An Uber trip of £154.74 was deducted from her account for a journey she did not take. She found 15 unauthorised payments in total. She told Channel NewsAsia ; "All bookings for Uber charged on my card were not made from my Uber app. My card was used on someone else's Uber app. Someone based in the U.K - as the charges were in GBP" Another victim was charged for thirty trips in five days, totalling nearly a staggering £1000. This new comes just as a major data breach has been revealed, with 57 million Uber accounts hacked. Reports have claimed, Uber paid off the hackers to keep the data hack quiet. Maybe it's time to get those bank statements out to take a much closer look.  

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