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City Hall's Uber trips; should those against them, use them?

It was revealed yesterday that expense claims for 35 Uber trips in London have been submitted by both politicians and aides at City Hall totalling £512.80 for the period between May 2016 and March 2017.

This revelation flies in the face of the GLAs safety concerns regarding the tech giant's service.

It was also revealed via a Freedom Of Information Act request that cab users at City Hall also claimed £794.26 for 42 taxi fares in London in the same time period.

The Times applied for more information surrounding these revelations but their request was rejected due to cost. 

TfL recently refused to renew Ubers license in London due to a myriad of issues, Uber have subsequently launched an appeal against TfLs decision.

Sadiq Khan has stated in the past that he is both an "Uber and a Black cab man" despite claiming to have never used Uber's service. Mayor Khan has also supported TfLs decision not to renew Ubers operator license. 

Dara Khosrowshahi recently met with TfL officials in an attempt to "build bridges" and was praised by the Mayor for his "contrition and humility" when Ubers new CEO apologised for the company's  past mistakes.

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